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Main NDT Methods

Find out what the most common methods are for Non Destructive Testing

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

A magnetic flux is generated within a ferromagnetic material and sprayed with paraffin carrier solution which contains a number of small iron filings. Should a surface breaking defect become apparent, the iron filings will gather together and provide a visible outline of the problem area.

Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)

High frequency sound is transmitted through a quartz crystal probe arrangement and passed through the specimen. The sound wave travels in the material and is reflected back to the probe. The time taken for the sound to travel is measured and an accurate reading of the material thickness can be attained. Can also locate and size internal defects within the material.

Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)

Water or solvent based dye is applied to the specimen and allowed to soak. After an allotted time the dye is removed with a cloth. A developer solution is then applied, this acts like a sponge and draws out remaining dye that has soaked into any surface breaking defects. The result is a visible defect area of high contrast which can be viewed easily.

Radiography (RT)

Electromagnetic radiation (x-ray or Gamma-ray) is passed through a specimen which has radiographic film behind. After the film has been developed a permanent image of the specimen is visible. The film can then be viewed, assessed to determine locations of internal defects. X-rays are produced electrically and Gamma-rays are produced by a man made radioactive isotope. /p>

Paint Inspection

Details of temperature (on material surface and atmosphere), humidity, thickness of paint coat, method of application and surface preparation are recorded. Records that are produced normally form part of the final Quality Assurance package that is supplied to the client.

Welding inspection

During the welding process all parameters are recorded and monitored, the Welding Inspector ensures that welds are produced in accordance with the specification for the job.

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